Central European forum on maintenance 2005


5/9/2005 - 5/10/2005


Vysoké Tatry, Štrbské Pleso, Hotel PATRIA

International conferenceheld under the patronage of the Slovak Ministry of Economy


General partner:

Main partner: GE ENERGY, Bently Nevada Slovakia, s.r.o

Based on the initiative of the late SSU chairman, Adolf Murin, and following the agreement of the partner maintenance organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, in May 2005 for the first time a conference of maintenance took place as a common project of their national maintenance societies. Slovakia was a host country and the main organiser was the Slovak maintenance society. The fundamental goal was  to provide actual information of high professional standard and to create favourable conditions for exchange of experience and knowledge of maintenance people of the Central European region.

The conference took place in the well established term in May (9 -10 May, 2005), traditionally in the High Tatry at  Strbske Pleso in the hotel Patria. The conference substituted the National forum on maintenance which followed the intention to organise a regional conference within its national conference in co-operation with partner on the Central European level. We can declare that the SSU started successfully and did the task well. 

The conference was attended with almost 200 participants, of which more than 50 from abroad. The conference enjoyed presence of distinguished guests -honorary EFNMS president, Mirta Baranovic form Croatia, appointed EFNMS honorary president  Guido Walt from Switzerland, EFNMS chairman,  Hans Overgaard from Denmark and many more personalities from abroad and Slovakia. By the total number of participants the conference was the most successful and fulfilled expectations.

For the first time there were two accompanying actions held - Seminar "Maintenance management in small and medium enterprises“, lectured by Adolf Murin and Vladimir Stuchly and workshop "EFNMS maintenance benchmarking“, lectured by Vendelin Iro and Juraj Grencik. The seminar was attended by more than 20 and workshop by 12 participants. Both actions were positively evaluated and should be followed by similar actions during next conferences.

Some statistics

The conference followed the established model- one and half days sessions starting with opening plenary and followed by two parallel sessions. Within the programme there were also company presentations and there was also exhibition area for companies to present their products and services. Totally 190 participants, of which 53 foreign – 29 from the Czech republic, 7 from Hungary, 6 from Poland,  3 from Germany, 2from Croatia, 2 from Netherlands, by one form Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

During the conference for the second time SSU prize of "Maintainer of the year 2005" was granted to general maintenance manager from the U.S.Steel Kosice, s.r.o., Ing. Jan Vranec

and for the first time SSU prize for the diploma work , that was granted to graduate from TU Kosice, Ing. Antania Bobkova for the master thesis on calculation of OEE in Embraco corp.

Instead of others, one comment by EFNMS chairman, Hans Overgaard :"How did you manage to get almost 200 people to the conference?"

We can evaluate the conference very positively. It fulfilled expectations waited from the conference of Central European importance. The next conference will be in 2007 in Poland. Even Croatia expressed its interest to join this series.

Conclusion – nobody at the conference would have imagined that some weeks after the conference SSU chairman, Adolf Murin, will leave the maintenance family. Everybody saw that he was enduring the serious illness. But he showed nothing on him and was able to arrange smooth and successful run of the congress. Unfortunately it was his last public activity. On 2 June 2005 he lost his fight for life. The Central European Forum on Maintenance was another one of his successful projects, but was the last one.

Photos from the conference:

Traditional conference venue - hotel PATRIA below snowy Tatra mountains

Conference opening

Conference board, from the right: Adolf Murin - SSU chairman, Juraj Sinay - rector TU Kosice, Guido Walt, Switzerland - appointed EFNMSvzw president, Mirta Baranovic, Croatia - EFNMSvzw president, Hans Overgaard, Denmark - EFNMSvzw chairman, Jan Novy, Czech Rep.- president CSPU, Karoly Solyomvari, Hungary-  GTE, Krzystof Olejnik, Poland - PNTTE

Congress hall - conference participants

SSU chairman, Adolf Murin, presenting 5 years of SSU activities

Krzystof Olejnik, Poland, representative of PNTTE

Karoly Solyomvari, Hungary, GTE chairman

Jan Novy, Czech rep., president CSPU

Dusan Zubor, representative of the Slovak Ministry of Economy

Mirta Baranovic, Croatia, EFNMSvzw honorary president - New trends in maintenance

Hans Overgaard, EFNMSvzw chairman - presentin EFNMSvzw

Guido Walt, Switzerland, appointed EFNMSvzw honorary president - Shaping future together

Juraj Sinay, rector TU Kosice - University education in maintenance

Award "Maintainer of the year 2005" - Jan Vranec, general maintenance manager, U.S.Steel, Kosice

Awarding SSU prise for diploma work - Antonia Bobkova, TU Košice

Endre Korondi, presentation of Hungarian maintenance organisation

Vaclav Legat - Maintenance audit and experience gained

Jan Franlund, Sweden - Four sides of asset management

Manfred Starlinger, HYPERWAVE SA, conference general partner

Jozef Toth, GE Energy, Bently Nevada Slovakia s.r.o. - conference main partner

Michael Mueller, Austria, Reinhold und Mahla - Introduction of effective maintenance controlling

Remco Jonker, Netherlands, Mainovation - Value driven maintenance

Bus Beemsterboer, Netherlands, Datastream 7i - VDM in D7i

Gabriel Dravecky, Topvar, a.s., Information system in maintenance management ...

Conference hall

Conference dinner

Three EFNMS honorary presidents - Guido Walt (2005 - 07), Mirta Baranovic (2003 - 05), Jan Franlund (1999 -2001), together with Nikola Jelas from Croatia (second from the right)

Vaclav Legat, Guido Walt, Mirta Baranovic and Hans Overgaard

Company exhibitions

Company exhibitions

Informal meetings during conference

Informal meetings during conference

Second day - Vladimir Stuchly - Education in maintenance manager

Conference closing ...

Relax and the lake ...

Relax and the lake ...

Relax and the lake ...


Other photos 




































Workshop "Benchmarking údržby podľa EFNMS", 11.5.2005




Štrbské pleso 2005




Honorary Board/
Čestné predsedníctvo:
  1. Mirta Baranovic
  2. Hans Overgaard
  3. Juraj Sinay
  4. Štefan Medvecký
  5. Jan Nový
  6. Karoly Sólyomvári
  7. Andrzej Niewczas
  8. Adolf Murín
Organsation Committee/
Organizačný výbor:
  1. Adolf Murín
  2. Vendelin Íro
  3. Igor Pokorný
  4. Jan Nový
  5. Endre Korondi
  6. Paweł Droździel
Programme Committee/
Programový výbor:
  1. Juraj Grenčík
  2. Václav Legát
  3. József Csiba
  4. Krzysztof Olejnik
  5. Jozef Hrubec
  6. Mária Hromníková
  7. Hana Pačaiová
  8. Ivan Ševčík
  9. Vladimír Stuchlý

Conference Topics / Tematické okruhy:

  1. New trends and maintenance management / Nové smery a riadenie údržby
  2. Diagnostics and predictive maintenance / Diagnostika a údržba na základe predpokladaného stavu
  3. Quality, safety, environment and maintenance / Kvalita, bezpečnosť, životné prostredie a údržba


Final programme / Program konferencie:

Monday / Pondelok 9 May 2005

8.00 - 9.00

Registration / Registrácia účastníkov

9.00 - 9.30

Conference opening / Otvorenie konferencie

Adolf Murín, SSU, predseda, SK: Slovak Maintenance Society – five years activities / Slovenská spoločnosť údržby - päť rokov činnosti

9.30 - 12.35

Plenárne zasadnutie

9.30 - 9.50

Mirta Baranović, The Honorary President of EFNMS, HR: New Trends in Maintenance  / Nové trendy v údržbe

9.50 - 10.10

Hans Overgaard, Chairman of EFNMSvzw, DK: Presentation of EFNMSvzw, The European Federation of National Maintenance Societies / Predstavenie EFNMSvzw

10.10 - 10.30

Guido Walt, President MFS, Wear-Management, Switzerland, CH: Shaping our future together / Vytvárať budúcnosť spoločne

10.30 - 10.50

Károly Sólyomvári,  Scientific Society of Mech. Eng., Maintenance Department, Hungary, HU: Hungarian Organization of Maintenance / Maďarská organizácia pre údržbu

10.50 - 11.10

Coffee Break – Prestávka, občerstvenie

11.10 - 11.30

Maintenainer of the Year Award, Diploma Work Award / „Cena SSU Údržbár roka“    „Cena SSU za diplomomovú prácu“

11.30 - 11.50

Václav Legát, ČZU v Praze, CZ: Maintenance audit and experience gained / Audit údržby a získané zkušenosti

11.50 - 12.10

Jan Frånlund,  SAMI Europe AB, UTEK, SVE: The four sides of Asset Management / Štyri strany riadenia majetku

12.10 - 12.25

Manfred Starflinger, HYPEWAVE, A.G - Conference general partner, GER: Knowledge Management a critical Success Factor in Maintenance / Manažment znalostí – kritický faktor úspešnosti v údržbe

12.25 - 12.35

General Electric Company presentation – conference main partner / Prezentácia hlavného partnera konferencie



12.35 - 14.00

Lunch / Obed



14.00 - 17.00

Session / Sekcia A

New trends and maintenance management /
Nové smery a riadenie údržby


Session / Sekcia B

Diagnostics and predictive maintenance /
Diagnostika a údržba na základe predpokladaného stavu

14.00 - 14.20


Joost Boutkan, Mainnovation BV, NL : Value Driven Maintenance - creating shareholder value with maintenance / Hodnotovo riadená údžba - vytváranie akcionárskej hodnoty prostredníctvom údržby


Juraj Sinay, TU Košice, SK: System of  education in technical diagnostics – COP / Systém vzdelávania v diagnostike – COP

14.20 - 14.40

Bus Beemsterboer, Datastream, NL : VDM enabled in Datastream 7i  / Hhodnotovo riadená údržba v prostredí Datastream 7i


Peťková Viera, SPP, a.s., SK:  Maintenance support by methods of technical disgnostics  in gas industry / Podpora údržby metódami technickej diagnostikyv plynár. priemysle               

14.40 - 15.00

Gabriel  Dravecký, Ľuboš Meluš, Topvar,a.s.Topoľčany, SK: Maintenance information system, maintenance management / Informačný systém údržby, manažérske riadenie údržby


Haluška Milan, US Steel, s.r.o Košice, SK: Software support  for tribodiagnostics and system of lubrication/ Softvérová podpora pre tribodiagnostiku a mazanie  

15.00 - 15.20


Michael Mueller, Rheinhold & Mahla AG, AUT : Introduction of an effective controlling system in maintenance / Úvod do efektívneho systému kontrolingu v údržbe


Jiří Fries, Josef Jurman, František Helebrant, CZ : Operating ability evaluating of main beam pipe saddle / Stanovení provozuschopnosti hlavního nosníku sedla potrubí

15.20 - 15.40

Coffee Break – Prestávka, občerstvenie

15.40 - 16.00


Jozef Lacko, Inseko, a.s. Žilina, SK : Time for Enterprise Asset Management Implementation / Čas na zavedenie informačného systému riadenia údržby


Istvan Nagy, Delta-3N Ltd., Paks, HU :  Knowledge Based Maintenance – Knowledge Based Diagnostics / Znalostne založená údržba - znalostne založená diagnostika

16.00 - 16.20

Roman Richter, SLOVALCO, a.s., SK : Production and maintenance in TPM / Výroba a údržba v TPM


Gabriel Zsilinszky, SK : Diagnostics of safety valves under operation / Diagnostika poistných ventilov za prevádzkových podmienok

16.20 - 16.40

Pavel Fuchs, TU v Liberci, CZ : Some aspects of maintenance of a nuclear power station control system / Některé aspekty údržby řídicího systému jaderné elektrárny


Jozef Čvirik, SK: Real time diagnostics in operative maintenance / Real time diagnostika v operatívnej údržbe

16,40 – 17,30

Company presentations / Firemné prezentácie






Conference dinner / Spoločenský večer - raut

Tuesday / Utorok 10 May 2005


Session / Sekcia A

New trends and maintenance management /
Nové smery a riadenie údržby


Session / Sekcia C

Quality, safety, environment and maintenance /
Kvalita, bezpečnosť, životné prostredie a údržba



Vladimír Ščípa, Sféra, a.s., Bratislava, SK : Tool for support of contractor maintenance / Nástroj pre podporu údržby dodávateľským spôsobom


Dušan Belko, SE Jaslovské Bohunice, SK : Experience from the area of nuclear equipment maintenance / Skúsenosti z oblasti opráv a údržby jadrových zariadení



Malatinszky Sándor, MAV, HU : Vehicle Maintenance Systems - Possibilities for Modernization / Systémy údržby vozidiel  - možnosti modernizácie


József Csiba, MAV, István Zobory, BMTE, HU : Investigation into the Operational Reliability of Railway Rolling Stock - Possibilities for Increasing Reliability / Skúmanie prevádzkovej spoľahlivosti železničného vozňového parku – Možnosti zvýšenia spoľahlivosti



Ivan Herkel, Inseko, a.s. Žilina, SK : Synergetic facility management / Synergický facility manažmen


Hans Overgaard, EFNMSvzw, DK: Experiences from a public-private partnership on Municipal service provision / Skúsenosti z public-private partnerstva v poskytovaní obecných služieb



Boris Belas,  Sféra, a.s., Bratislava, SK : Automated inventory (New trends in physical asset management) / Automatizovaná inventarizácia (Nové smery v starostlivosti o hmotný majetok)


Mária Hromníková, STU Bratislava, SK : Designing of building renewal and building maintenance management / Projektovanie obnovy stavieb  a manažment údržby budov

9.40 - 10.00

Norbert Adamko, Valent Klima, Jozef Lukačovič, Miloš Zaťko., Simcon, s.r.o., Žilina,  SK : Support for designing and rationalisation of maintenance centres by simulation / Podpora projektovania a racionalizácie údržbových centier pomocou simulácie


Milan Machalec, AGRIFOOD s.r.o., SK : New requirements of the EU market in the area of food safety – effects on maintenance / Nové požiadavky v oblasti potravinovej bezpečnosti Európskej Únie – dopad na údržbu

10.00 - 10.20

Coffee Break / Prestávka - Občerstvenie



10.20 - 10.40

Juraj Grenčík, ŹU, Miroslav. Lazar, Inseko, Andrej.Hrubša, ŽU Žilina, SK : Benchmarking of maintenance by EFNMS in the maintenance information system environment / Benchmarking údržby podľa EFNMS v prostredí informačného systému údržby


Jadwiga Bak, Motor Transport Insitute, Warsaw, PL : Psychological factors important for safe driving / Psychologické faktory dôležité pre bezpečnú jazdu

 Krzysztof Olejnik, Polish Maint. Society, PL : Maintenance problems of truck's transport on the chosen example / Problémy údržby nákladnej dopravy na vybranom príklade

10.40 - 11.00

György Péczely, A.A.Stádium, Szeged, Endre Korondi, Budapest Tech U., HU: New ways to implement TPM / Nové spôsoby zavádzania TPM


Paweł Droździel, L. Krzywonos, Lublin University of Technology, PL : The comparison between container and platform transport systems / Porovnanie medzi kontajnerovými a návesovými dopravnými systémami

11.00 - 11.20

Jozef Izakovič, YMS Trnava, Slavomír Pilnik, ZSNP Žiar n.H., Vladimír Stuchlý, Roman Poprocký, ŽU, SjF Žilina, SK : Implementation of maintenance information system – procedures and experiences /  Implementácia informačného systému riadenia údržby - postupy a skúsenosti


Kazimierz Kowalski, Land Forces Military Academy, PL: The influence of the long term storage on biodiesel  - influence on maintenance proeperties  / Pôsobenie dlhodobého skladovania na bionaftu - vplyv na údržbové vlastnosti

11.20 - 11.40

Stanislav Jaška, Boris Bela, Sféra, a.s., Bratislava, SK : Solution for administration and maintenance of business centres with 3D presentation layer / Riešenie pre správu a údržbu business centier s 3D prezentačnou vrstvou


Jozef Hrubec, Vladimír Kročko,  SK : National program of quality SR and its priority / Národný program kvality SR a jeho priority

11.40 - 12.00

Stuchlý Vladimír, R. Poprocký, J. Grenčík a kol., ŽU, SjF, SK : Education in Maintenance Manager  - e‑learning in practice / Vzdelávanie manažér údržby - e-learning v praxi


Ernest Braun, U.S.Steel Košice, SK: Tag-out and lock-out safety system / Známkový a zámkový systém zaisťovania



12.00 - 12.30

Conference closing / Záver konferencie